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I’m not ready to lose you. I just got you.

— Nick Miller, 3x01 (via dayandmiller)

"I didn’t get to work with Jake Johnson ever, cause they were trying to keep us apart. They were like, ‘If we put you together you look like you like each other’, cause those characters just have good chemistry. So we kinda had to keep them apart a lot and that was annoying. I’m happy now I get to do a lot of scenes with Jake."
— Zooey Deschanel (via newgirlramblings)

"The economy stinks, bees are dying, and movies are pretty much all sequels now."
— Schmidt ~ New Girl

"The heart of Nick story is with Nick and Jess."

Jake Johnson


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I didn’t know people would freak out (about the kiss) so much, but it’s cool,” says Deschanel.”I like creating a stir.”

Mostly, she just likes that the writers have finally pulled the trigger on the Nick and Jess romance: “When you put them together, it creates this spark and drama that you can really carry through to make interesting episodes. I mean, we were kept apart so long, and it got to the point where we were getting notes like, ‘Don’t even look at him. Too much chemistry.’ Like, what?”

“They would tell her not to point her feet at him because if you direct your feet toward someone, it means that you like them.” says Ward.

“Yeah, we got that note last year!” Deschanel says, rolling her eyes. “I know that they were afraid to address anything too soon, but if you look at Cheers or all these other great shows, you have to admit that there’s chemistry, then you have to deal with it. Will they break up? I actually have no idea what we’re going to do next year, but I just like that they went for it. Our writers and producers made a really big choice.

— Zooey Deschanel on her thoughts about Nick and Jess in season 2 (Nylon 2013 [x])

"I don’t know if I would say they’re in a relationship. It feels more undecided to me. They’re not calling it off, but they’re not NOT calling it off. It leaves a fair amount open for next season. The thing about Nick and Jess being together is, it opens up a lot of storylines. These are two flawed human beings, and who knows what’s going to happen with them really? I think for sure there are a lot of comedic possibilities in their relationship. I love that people get invested in the characters and especially on a TV show, because they actually see things pan out and see the ebb and flow [of a relationship], rather than like in a movie where the end is the end. I am incredibly attached to these characters and invested in them."
— Zooey Deschanel on Nick and Jess (via newgirlramblings)

"[The kiss] was, literally, the last thing we shot in 2012. We shot it right before Christmas break, and I went down to the set and there were butterflies in my stomach. I felt like the show was on the line—like, if this scene doesn’t work, this show is done. [Laughs.] Potentially overstating it, it’s the kind of thing where you do everything you can, but it’s in the hands of the actors and you’re like, “I hope this works.” We had this fried-food truck and there was this plate of fried food, and I just felt like this creepy woman behind the monitor eating this fried chicken and getting ready for them to kiss. The first take they did, it was amazing and they yelled “Cut!” and the entire crew was clapping, and it went from being the most terrifying moment to this joy, and I was like, “This was amazing. This is what we should be doing.” It felt like a whole new thing, a whole new road to go down."
— Elizabeth Meriwether (via newgirlramblings)

"It’s one of the most ambitious, incredible, beautiful, and hysterical episodes we have ever shot in two seasons, and I cannot wait for people to see it."


  • - I thought I threw that thing out the window. - It only made it stronger.
  • He stole a flower from you and you wanna have drinks with him?
  • Oh, from your wonderful secret garden!
  • Who cares about the theme? What were you wearing?
  • Oregon sucks!
  • David Foster Wallace, where is the sex?
  • Penis, vagina, penis, vagina!
  • White people!
  • Is this the first time you’ll be making full love?
  • Back in high school, they used to call me the sex-haver.
  • Does it hurt for the guys?
  • If I pee while it’s happening, will she die?
  • -You’re harshing my vibe, Schmidt. -You’re the coolest, Nick.
  • My arm was a magnet and the walls were magnetic.
  • Last night someone broke in and ordered a pornographic movie, so there’s a mistake on the bill.
  • nonononononononononononononono
  • Thank you guys for coming, we’re very wealthy.
  • I don’t drink, I prefer to be drunk on life.
  • -Aren’t you a virgin, too? -Just my penis baby, just my penis.
  • So, what do you do for a living?
  • If I’m being totally honest, I’ve had some alcoholic beverages tonight.
  • I was afraid the FBI was gonna track me down.
  • I think I really like drinking.
  • Was Mysteria even her real name?
  • Do you like DVDs? Do you sell cookies? Not a cookie bar.
  • The only anti-depressants you need are in my pants.
  • It was like a wind sock on a windless day.
  • We’re doing some grown-up things over here.
  • There’s so much death in the world!
  • Teddy’s gay? I knew it. Yes!
  • I’m sick of firemen always winning.
  • What do you think?
  • Let’s not think about it.
  • We have to take the batteries out of the smoking detector.
  • Ruh roh!

Cause anything could happen, dawgs.

"The scene is, I walk in carrying Zooey, we have a moment, and then we go to bed. As a man, that’s an easy thing to do — just carry a woman to bed, fantastic. That’s what you do. By the fifteenth take… you know, I’m not a man of steel! My arms were getting a little bit noodly. You don’t want to say, ‘Can we speed this up?’ I’m carrying Zooey Deschanel — there’s a lot of guys who’d kill for this moment. By the end of the night I was just throwing her on the bed. Once we were out of frame, I’d just be, like, ‘Get off of me, woman!’"

Jake Johnson on filming the love scene (via newgirlramblings)

Poor Jake :}

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 “This show is not just about a weird girl who’s always being weird and three guys who are always like, ‘You’re being weird.’” We could move past that and let them all be weird together.” - Liz Meriwether


 “This show is not just about a weird girl who’s always being weird and three guys who are always like, ‘You’re being weird.’” We could move past that and let them all be weird together.” - Liz Meriwether

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"These fifteen year old kids don’t realise how much influence they have, because they’ll say what they like, and they’ll say like ‘Nick it’s better when you do this rather than that’ and I’ll read it like whatever, who cares? I don’t care about you, you’re fifteen. Then I’m on the show and Meriwether will be like ‘Just improvise this one’ and I’ll hear ‘It’s better when you do this…’ That damn kids in my head man!"
— Jake Johnson talking about the messages he receives on twitter (via chut-en-ey)

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Their antics and chemistry have become part of the creative process. “It’s a gift to open up their minds and see what’s inside.” —Elizabeth Meriwether (x)

Their antics and chemistry have become part of the creative process. “It’s a gift to open up their minds and see what’s inside.” 
—Elizabeth Meriwether (x)